The Guardian Guild

The Guardian Guild

The Guardian Guild

Your Gift Changes Lives

When you make a donation to New Leash on Life, you are changing the lives of the many animals and people that we help every day. From finding new forever homes for needy dogs and cats to saving lives through prevention through our spay/neuter programs, financial support from donors like you is what allows us to continue our mission every day. 

To learn more about what your donation will do, please watch this video

A guardian is someone who guards, watches out for, and protects. Many animals have no one to protect them.
By making a monthly contribution to the Guardian Guild, you help protect the lives of innocent animals.
Your donation helps NLOL ensure the safety and well-being of dogs and cats, prevent pet overpopulation, and educate our community on the responsibilities of pet ownership.
Your contribution allows us to show up every day to feed, shelter and care for every animal that crosses our threshold and to provide spay & neuter services to thousands in our community.

Your Gift Saves Lives

EVERY level of contribution helps.
Current Guardian Guild members' monthly contributions range from $5 a month to hundreds a month. Every donation helps! We ask that you consider making a monthly contribution to help the animals at New Leash on Life, to help make it possible to continue providing them best care possible.
On average there are 75-100 animals at the Adoption Center daily, each one needs us, needs you, needs daily love and care. Your monthly support makes caring for them possible.

Friends of New Leash 
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Does Your Employer Match Donations?
Many employers across the globe have donation matching policies in place to help out community organizations their employees feel passionate about. Because there is often a lack of public awareness of these donation matching initiatives, billions of potential donation dollars are lost each year world-wide!
Become a Guardian for the Animals
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