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Serving Pet Owners Across Middle Tennessee

We urge individuals who are considering adopting a cat or dog from New Leash Oon Life's Adoption Center to first download an adoption form and submit it. You can download the adoption form, which is a Microsoft Word document, by clicking the link below. 

You can either fill in the form, then save it and e-mail it to New Leash On Life at or bring a printed copy with you to the adoption center. If you wish to print the form, you can still fill it out in Word and print it with your answers filled in!

Note: You are not completing on online application. This is only a form that must be delivered to New Leash On Life before any adoption can be approved.

Also, please make sure you fill out the application in its entirety. Incomplete applications will not be approved.

Click here to download the Adoption Application.

(requires MS Word - click here to download the Word Viewer)

Download Adoption Application

Waiting List for 

Animal Intake

Due to the high volume of requests we receive, we are only able to accommodate those pets who reside within Wilson County, Tennessee.

New Leash on Life operates as a no-kill organization. Therefore, we accept pets (cats and dogs) by appointment only. In order for your pet to be placed on our intake waiting list, you will need to fill our the wait list form.

WaitList Placement: In order to be placed on our waiting list, please complete our waitlist form (incomplete applications will not be considered) and e-mail as an attachment to: along with 3 ‘current’ digital photos.

Please note new intake fees:
$40 per cat
$40 per dog (to be collected at the time your pet is relinquished to New Leash on Life). 
$75 per litters of puppies or kittens (the mother must be spayed and proof provided to staff at New Leash on Life).
Donations above the stated fee are greatly needed and most appreciated.
New Leash on Life is a non-profit and relies on donations. 

Pets are accepted on a space available basis only (as determined by staff).
You will be called to bring your pet to the adoption center once staff determines that your pet can be accommodated (determinants might include: size, breed, age, temperament, coat color, etc.).

We cannot accept aggressive, ill, injured, or feral animals.

If the pet is not spayed or neutered, please contact our low cost clinic, The JOY Clinic 615.281.0664. Pets who are spayed or neutered will receive priority status when space becomes available.

We are not the only animal welfare agency in the area. In addition to being added to our waiting list, please check other agencies (visit or to maximize chances of re-homing your pet.

Dogs older than 6 months of age will be tested for heartworm disease.

Cats older than 6 months of age will be tested for feline leukemia/aids, and cats under 6 months of age will be tested feline leukemia. We cannot accept feline leukemia/aids positive cats.

If you have any further questions please contact:

Phone: (615) 444-1144
Download Waitlist Form

Spay-Neuter Post Op. Info

When your pet has just undergone general anesthesia and surgical sterilization. For the safety and well-being of you and your pet, we ask that you read and carefully follow these post operative care instructions.
Download Post Op Info
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