The Angel Fund

The Angel Fund

The Angel Fund

Your Gift Changes Lives

When you make a donation to New Leash on Life, you are changing the lives of the many animals and people that we help every day. From finding new forever homes for needy dogs and cats to saving lives through prevention through our multiple spay/neuter programs, financial support from donors like you is what allows us to continue our mission every day. 

Meet Bo

Bo came to us with a serious head injury. The person who brought him to the adoption center told us he had been hit by a car, but after a veterinary exam it was apparent he had been shot with a gun. Bo was very fearful and needed special care and time to heal from all his wounds. He received the medical treatment he needed and is now happily living in a home where he is able to run, play and feel safe.

Your Level of Contribution Will Purchase

New Leash on Life is a no-kill animal welfare organization dedicated to "improving the welfare of companion animals in our community through shelter, placement, spay/neuter, education and awareness." 

The Angel Fund is a special fund at New Leash on Life dedicated to providing medical treatment to the animals in our care. Used to treat everything from heartworm, mange and injuries, the financial resources provided through this fund saves lives and ultimately contributes to the health and well-being of all animals living in our facility. The Angel Fund has enabled us to increase our adoption rate to 95%. 

The Angel Fund is made possible through supporter donations. 100% of your gift goes directly to medical treatments for dogs and cats in our care. Please become an angel to an animal in need today.
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