Paw Pantry

Paw Pantry

Paw Pantry

Monthly Assistance for Pet Owners in Need

The Paw Pantry program is made possible through food donations from community members and local businesses.

The pantry program is a once a month pet food assistance program to help pet owners faced with financial hardship with dog or cat food to assure they can keep their pets in the home. 

We offer assistance the first time "no questions asked" as long as we have food available. Though Wilson County residents take priority, if we have food in our pantry, we help any pet owner in need including pet owners in surrounding counties.

Beyond first time assistance, we ask for proof of need and proof that your pet(s) are spay or neutered. Proof of need can include unemployment, government assistance, fixed income, veteran services or referral from another nonprofit involved with your personal situation.

If your pets are not spay or neutered, we can help get them fixed through The JOY Clinic.

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