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National Spay / Neuter Response Team

We are proud to be part of the National Spay/Neuter Response Team! This is a network of spay/neuter clinics that trained at the National Training Center of Humane Alliance, a program of the ASPCA. We follow their established veterinary standards of care in offering quality, affordable spay/neuter services.

Why Should I Spay/Neuter My Pet?

Pet Overpopulation Is At Epidemic Proportions!

Consider the facts: 

Annually, over 12 million dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are euthanized at shelters across the country. By some estimates, that's close to 12,500 per hour. Staggering, isn't it? Now consider the ratio of live animal births to human births. The ratio is 7:1. Seven animal births for every one human birth. It's obvious why there can never be enough homes for them all. For every animal euthanized we destroy another precious life!

You Can Help!!!

As a pet owner, you can help this problem cease to exist --- or you can add to the problem. The choice is yours. Spaying and neutering your pets will avoid unwanted litters. 

"But," you say, "My cat only had a litter or two. How much harm can that cause? Plus, I found good homes for all of them." 

Consider this fact: 

If one female cat had 2 litters per year and had 2.8 kittens that were not altered, in ten years that would result in 80,399,780 unplanned cats. How many good homes are there? Not nearly enough. Now multiply that 80 million by the number of unspayed females across the country. How many is that? Too many for all the good homes? Definitely. Be a responsible and caring pet owner. Make the choice to spay or neuter your pet and save lives!

True or False?

My male will feel like a sissy. 

False. Pets' urge to reproduce is an instinct. They don't have a sexual identity as humans do. They won't suffer an identity crisis or any emotional trauma. In fact, since you've released them from their urge to mate, they will be happier, healthier pets. 

My dog is AKC registered. Her puppies won't end up at the pound. 

False. Currently, shelters are reporting that approximately 25% of incoming dogs are purebreds. Most of these were impulse purchases. Research any breed you are interested in before buying that cute little puppy you just can't resist. You may wind up with an unpleasant surprise when that cute little puppy isn't so little anymore. 

My dog won't protect me if I have it spayed or neutered.

False. A dog's personality is influenced mainly by his home life. Its willingness to protect stems from its love for you and being part of the pack. After having your pet spayed/neutered, it will probably love you more, as it is released from the stress of heat cycles, and the urge to roam to find a mate is virtually nonexistent. 

I can't afford it. 

False, we can help, call The JOY Clinic at 615-281-0664. Without spay or neuter, think of the hidden costs;the increased diet for the pregnant female, shots for the puppies, veterinarian visits, advertising costs, etc. 

There are many other myths and excuses about spaying and neutering your pet. But it all comes down to one point: only YOU can help prevent this epidemic of overpopulation and euthanasia. "Destroying" animals is not the solution. Unfortunately, right now, it seems to be the temporary answer. What a waste of a precious life! 




Pediatric Spay/Neuter

Definition: The surgical sterilization of kittens and puppies as early as eight weeks of age. Early spay/neuter is also referred to as: early-age spay/neuter, pediatric spay/neuter, juvenile spay/neuter, prepubertal sterilization, and prepubescent ovariohysterectomy or orchietomy.

Pediatric Spay/Neuter Information:

Columbus Dog Connection - Early Spay/Neuter Information

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