Pantry for Paws


Pantry for Paws

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Pantry for Paws program low on food! Please help those less fortunate by donating dog and cat food to the pantry program.


We are very low on donated dry and canned dog food, cat food, and cat litter that we give out to the public who qualifies under our Pantry for Paws Program, our dog and cat food assistance program.


Our pantry distributes donated food to pet owners in need. (Qualifications are similiar to those for the Spay Station).


Thanks to a grant from the ASPCA, we received bags of cat food that allowed us to assist over 70 local residents. NLOL was also able to give some bags to a local veterinarian's office in Lebanon that takes in and adopts out stray cats since there is not an animal control that takes in cats in Lebanon.


Currently, we have about 20 bags of cat food left from the ASPCA grant, so we'll be out soon. We are currently out of dog food and have only a few cans of cat food.


Food donations from the public is our only other way of stocking Pantry for Paws, and we can only distribute food that has been donated to us by the public or through specific grants, like the one from ASPCA.


Donations can be dropped off at the Adoption Center during business hours.


If you need any more information about the Pantry for Paws program, for donation or receiving of goods, please contact Ann Shapiro. 


Ann Shapiro - Client Services & Adoption Coordinator
phone: (615) 444-1144



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